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Raised in the inner-city of Washington D.C., he grew up without the benefit of easily accessible youth organizations. When he was 21, he was signed with his brother to a group called "Osirus", the Band to Warner Brothers in 1979. After engaging with several record labels over the next 20 years he decided to pursue other opportunities. In 1992, he decided to relocate to Southern California with a dream of building a recording studio to give fellow musicians the opportunity to record and release their own material. In 1999, after seven years of hard work the dream came true. The studio was created "HOTT Tracks Studio", and it helped develop young and old artists alike and others in the community as well. After seven years of dedicated work to HOTT Tracks Studio, James realized that he needed to obtain proper education and training so he could help the youth reach their full potential.  In 2004 James went back to school at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa Ca, where he studied jazz history, recording engineering, film and video production, entrepreneurship, Bible history, drama, and working on his AA in psychology. In 2006 James also graduated as a Chemical Dependency Counselor from Ramona’s Vocational School in Santa Ana Ca.

James was determined to find a way to facilitate the dream. In 2009 a non-profit after-school outreach program was formed M.A.G.I.C (Maximizing Artistic Growth in the Community), Understanding the importance of educating impressionable youth, his mission was to find a way to provide an opportunity for them to learn and grow in the arts. The goal is to help every student that passes through the academy become the best person and artists they can possibly become.

Founder and Director

James Stapleton

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