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Grand Piano

About M.A.G.I.C. Inc.

M.A.G.I.C. Inc. Academy of the Arts is a multi-faceted, non-profit, Music and Academic mentor-ship program for low-income youth ages 7-16 in Santa Ana and throughout the Orange County area. Our goal is to enhance musical awareness and self-esteem by Implementing an educational process that will facilitate the long-term success of our youth.

Our mission is committed to promoting arts advocacy and raising academic expectation through youth empowerment to achieve lifelong success through encouraging and promoting the creation, appreciation and participation in the Arts. The after-school community program will offer music theory and composition while having access to an academic tutoring program to assist them in their preparation toward conquering the challenge of tomorrow. Students in our music programs are instructed on Drums, Piano, Bass, and Art Classes.

It is our intent to form partnerships with local schools, churches and other youth organizations to facilitate a unique opportunity that focuses on both at-risk youth and youth in economically challenged families who have limited access to extra-curricular programs.

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